Instant Analysis: Penn State 26, UCF 24

Instant Analysis: Penn State 26, UCF 24

Instant Analysis: Penn State 26, UCF 24. It was ragged, but the Nittany Lions came away with the big win.

2014 Scout College Football Preview

2014 Scout College Football Preview

All of Scout's 2014 college football preview, with conference previews, All-American Team, Preseason Top 30 and more...

Shane Carden

2014 Scout AAC Football Preview

A snapshot preview of the AAC, where the second-year conference looks different again...

AAC 2014 Preseason Poll

AAC 2014 Preseason Poll

Cincinnati is picked to win the AAC in the 2014 AAC Preseason Media Poll...

FSU righty Luke Weaver

Draft Videos & Reports: 51-59

Kiley shares more reports on his top players in this year's draft.

Men On A Mission

Men On A Mission

These men are on a mission for the players and recruits from the Tampa Bay area.



What recruiters were responsible for the most NFL Draft picks over the last three years? Here's your answer in part four of this series. I like to call them the "Recruiting Assassins."

State Supremacy

State Supremacy

In digging into the last three NFL Drafts I stumbled on some numbers that I had no idea existed. Where are all the NFL Draftees coming from? Here's part one in a series of stories looking at the states producing the football talent.

TCU commit LF Ryan Johnson

Draft Rankings: 2015-16 Prep Prospects

Before we jump into showcase season, Kiley gives us updated rankings of the next prep crops.

N.C. State lefty Carlos Rodon

Draft Rankings: Overall Top 116

Carlos Rodon's uneven spring has contributed to a muddled top of the draft; Kiley ranks his top 116.

Greg Robinson

NFL Draft Top 100: 1-25

Here's a list of the 2014 NFL Draft Top 100, 1-25. The top rated player is defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, followed by outside linebacker Khalil Mack and offensive tackle Greg Robinson.

Jadeveon Clowney 2014 NFL Draft Top 100

Finally, the NFL Draft is right around the corner, now only a few days away, with the first round beginning on Thursday night. Here's a look at the last 2014 NFL Draft Top 100. It's a very deep class led by South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, four offensive tackles, wide receiver Sammy Watkins, linebacker Khalil Mack and a handful of quarterbacks.






  • 01.


    Commits: 21
    Points: 4,120
    Conference: SEC
  • 02.


    Commits: 22
    Points: 3,608
    Conference: SEC
  • 03.


    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,389
    Conference: SEC
  • 04.

    South Carolina

    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,302
    Conference: SEC
  • 05.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,259
    Conference: SEC
  • 06.

    Texas A&M

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,257
    Conference: SEC
  • 07.

    Notre Dame

    Commits: 21
    Points: 3,130
    Conference: Indep
  • 08.

    Florida State

    Commits: 18
    Points: 3,105
    Conference: ACC
  • 09.

    Penn State

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,033
    Conference: Big Ten
  • 10.

    Mississippi State

    Commits: 31
    Points: 3,013
    Conference: SEC
  • 87.


    Commits: 8
    Points: 459
    Conference: AAC