Spring Practice-Day Two

Defense limited the offense

UCF going into the 2003 season with some young players at the wide receiver position. Wide receiver coach Sean Beckton is looking to developing young players to replace Jimmy Fryzel and Doug Gabriel. Coach Beckton talked to Knights News about his receivers and who is expected to stepped-up.

Knights News: "Would you talk about the progress of the wide receivers as far as their abilities and to comprehension of the scheme?"

Sean Beckton: "Right now obviously we're replacing Doug Gabriel and Jimmy Fryzel, two fantastic receivers. Right now we got a young group and I'm very pleased with them so far with the efforts they're giving me. They're working hard. We're trying to slow thing down so those guys can learn and understand what we're trying to do and they're picking up real well right now.

KN: "Any suprise from the wide receiver crop?"

SB: "Not right now, we got some young kids that we signed this year that going have probably come in and contribute some. But I'm very pleased with the way Taveras Caper stepped-up his game. Last year he kind of shows some flashes of greatness, that he can be extremely good at receiver here. He really steps up his game right now. Brandon Marshall started to come around and played a little better and Andre Sumpter, a freshman, a lot of people don't know about has make some great strike in the fist two days. Al Peterson has really been a pleasant suprice so far during camp here. He came in and understands not just one position. He understands four positions, which going to help him to get on the field. He's going to help us relief some guys down the road. I'm very pleased with him and he's doing really well.

KN: "Would you talk about the new schemes, if any, the coaches put in place this coming season?"

SB: "It's pretty much the same offense. We got difference people out there running it and at difference position. Every now and than we research something. We have not had time to research something because of recruiting; we jumped straight into spring practice. But normally we go to visit the professional teams or another college team and we might come right back with some new scheme. Right now we just trying to use the scheme we've been running.

KN: "Since the players have had two good practicing days, would you tell us who really has the best practice as far?"

SB: "Tavaris Capers probably the best wide receiver right now. He made plays on the consistence basis. Right now some of the younger guys are not very consistence, but they're showing great improvements."

KN: "Would you talk about Luther Huggins' status?"

SB: "We can't really talk about his situation right now. We're still waiting on him and hopefully he'll be the guy that come in here and help us and contribute. He's one than I'm counting on to come in and be a big time player for us. Beside Caper, he probably the next most experience guys that I have coming back so I'm really depending on him to get back here.

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