UCF Practice Report - 04/08

Jarrett Swaby

Wednesday's practice was reminiscent of what we saw a year ago from the UCF football squad, but there were a few new and exciting things that occurred. Here are the five things you need to know.

1. Secondary Continues Growth.

It is hard to tell whether it is just vast improvement, injuries to the wide outs, or bad quarterback play. My best guess is that it is a little bit of all three. But these guys are getting better as a unit. Justin Boddie had a great practice today, and Jarrett Swaby is starting to play better as well. One potential area of concern here is unnecessary pass interference penalties. On more than one occasion, Knights defenders that were in good position, either made contact too early, or just decided to use unnecessary contact.

2. Drops.

The skill position guys are dropping balls at an incredible rate again. Balls right on the numbers are being dropped on a routine basis. It is getting to the point that the defense is getting visibly upset about it. They clearly don't want another season of carrying around dead weight. Marquee Williams, and A.J. Guyton continue to run great routes and make catches. Also Latavius Murray has done a really nice job of making grabs both out of the backfield and as an H-back.

3. QB situation.

Joe Weatherford didn't make any particularly good throws today, but also didn't make any particularly bad throws. Rob Calabrese made some really good throws today, but also threw a couple of terrible picks. Numerous dropped balls did not seem to help their causes.

4. O-line

They seem to be getting a little better, but are still getting dominated far too often. It is also a common sign to see holding penalties on a routine basis, some are more obvious than others. There is clearly a lot less depth on the O-line than the D-Line as well. In one-on-one drills the O-line did quite well, and showed some signs of life in practice today.

5. A Good Sign

Jonathan Davis seems to be part of the group already. He was seen hanging out with Bruce Miller, Torrell Troup and the rest of gang, and looks as though he has been on campus for a couple of years. This is a tight knit group and becoming part of it this early is a good sign. Jonathan Davis is arguably the Knight's most talented commit in the class of 09, and will likely have a chance to play as a true freshman.

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